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5:51PM October 30, 2020

Michelle Wilson

Hello. We recently had Callabyte installed at our home and were extremely excited to finally have it in our area. We subscribe to television, internet, and telephone services. Unfortunately, I am writing to complain about the same issues as I see others have complained about: We were told that the DVR zap would occur on October 16, but it did not. We were prepared on the 16th, but no one informed us that it would occur weeks later. Those issues notwithstanding, the biggest problem I have right now is that our television is completely out of service. We have four televisions, all hooked up to Callabyte DVR, and not one of them is working. When we turn on the television, a big red X appears on the screen, and a red light is flashing on the receivers. We tried to call tech support, but since it is after regular business hours (when we are also at work), they were no assistance and said we should call back during regular business hours to schedule a tech. That means we will miss an entire weekend of television and will likely have to rent a hotel room in order to watch things--sporting events, in particular--that we otherwise won't be able to re-claim through re-airs. In the future, would you please inform us by email IN ADVANCE of these kinds of changes that will impact our service? Also, I would appreciate a tech support number than can actually provide support after hours and on weekends. My husband will stay home on Monday to try to contact you and get a tech scheduled, but if we do not have television service by the end of the day on Monday, we will be extremely unhappy. My husband is already threatening to get rid of Callabyte television and go back to our old service. Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.

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5:06PM November 01, 2020

Michelle Wilson
A technician from Callabyte called us Saturday morning and was able to help us restore our television service. Thank you, Callabyte. I apologize for letting my frustration show in the comment I left on Friday. We have had Callabyte only a short time, but aside from this television and DVR glitch, we have so far been very pleased.

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