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2:15PM October 29, 2020

Michael Bishop

I would like a LOGICAL explanation of why I just had hundreds of hours of my favorite shows deleted because of an alleged update to the system.....which no benefit has realized. I switched from satellite services a few yrs back as I was assured that your services were superior. Apparently I was misled. I can't believe that a high tech company would do this to their paying customers. Is this going to be the norm for each and every update that you perform! Please advise!!

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4:43PM October 29, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Michael, thanks for contacting us. First, let's clarify that we hope to not be purging DVR content anytime again. It can happen if a set top box malfunctions, but it's not something we wish to do system wide. We would also like to visit with you by phone to discuss this further. We will reach out tomorrow at a time convenient for you if you can message here a convenient time or call the office tomorrow at 573-826-2371 and ask for me or Clay Carroll. Thank you!

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