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11:21AM October 16, 2020

Sandy Hanauer

Any idea how long we will be without DVR services? Thank you.

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2:20PM October 16, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Sandy! Thanks for reaching out about the DVR update. What we know at this moment is that sometime between Oct 17 and 31 the DVRs will be erased. They will be done in batches, so not all on one day, but when the upgrade happens, your DVR will only be down 15-20 minutes. We do however want to caution you to not fully trust the DVR between Oct 17-31. It’s our understanding that the Callabyte logo that pops up when the TV comes up will change from the full color version to all white once all the updating is complete. We also will put a message out to DVR users once the upgrade is fully complete. Just let us know if you have other questions.

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