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7:02PM October 08, 2020

Penny Schrock

Somtime within the last month or so - I've started experiencing difficultes with the wi-fi. Everytime my landline rings it has disrupted my wifi. I have been bumped off the wifi numerous times. Today alone I had 5 or 6 phone calls and everytime my TV and laptop were bumped off the wifi. Why would my landline disrupt my wifi? They come through on different lines.

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10:27AM October 09, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Penny, I would recommend a call to tech support if you haven't already done so. They can help with troubleshooting this and if they find that we need to get a tech out, they will coordinate that as well. They can be reached 24/7 at 573-826-2371 option 3. Thanks for reaching out!

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8:31PM October 08, 2020

Penny Schrock
It was like my internet connection was broken. It would say no internet.

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