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11:04AM October 08, 2020

Brandi Presti

Hi Callabyte, We are one mile from the last home you service on Hwy H (The last home you service is 1208 Highway H and we are 1302 Highway H) in Hermann MO. We would like to know how much it would cost to expand service to the 15 businesses and neighbors in the 1.7 mile area on H that are extremely interested in having Callabyte. As of now, no other options but centurylink (3mbps) exist for us. If there is no plan to expand, we would like to see what it would cost in the event the residents would be able to pay for the line to be installed. That is how badly it is needed. Thank you, Brandi Presti

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12:08PM October 08, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Brandi, Thanks for reaching out! We will have a representative reach out to you to discuss this further.

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