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6:19PM July 13, 2020

Joseph Bieksza

Hi, I was wondering: For the Cote San Dessin area, why is the basic package not offered? I would imagine that I am not the only household that would be ok with the basic package.....and the price budgets quite well @ $65 rather than $75 for the advanced (in my opinion) Sincerely, Joseph

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8:01AM July 21, 2020

Joseph Bieksza
Hi, I have a signed document from the Landlord for consent and approval. To whom can I send this via email? Joseph

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7:41AM July 14, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Joseph! Thanks so much for reaching out to us. The basic package is definitely available to your area. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We have corrected the online sign up so that it now shows it. We look forward to serving your area!

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