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11:40PM June 20, 2020

Tim Lamons

Does Callabyte use satellites? Dish is not working here due to our large trees. It took us years to grow them. Now they are blocking view to satellites. Also, do you allow viewing Callabyte from mobile devices? Is there a Netflix Chanel on Callabyte?

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11:07AM June 22, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Tim! Good news - if you are interested in Callabyte's TV product, everything is delivered to your home via fiber optic cable, meaning no satellite needed. You can also stream some of your favorite channels and subscribed programming to mobile devices from anywhere you can receive an internet signal with WatchTVEverywhere. This is a free service for Callabyte TV Subscribers. For streaming services such as Netflix, Callabyte internet certainly has the speed you need to power them on multiple devices at once, however they will require a separate subscription through the provider and a SmartTV or other required hardware to run them. If you have further questions or need assistance choosing the option that's best for you, we'll be happy to help!

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