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3:15PM May 20, 2020

Dennis Hohl

We are getting Wireless Internet and TV Services. Do the Television signals go through the Optical Network Terminal that is mounted on the wall, or is there a separate cable TV box that needs to be connected also? Is a remote control device also provided for the TV service? Can a DVD Player (HDMI Cable) be connected directly to the television, or does it also need to be run through the ONT? I assume that the ONT is the wireless internet device. Can wireless signal boosters or extenders also be connected to the system to improve signal strength? Thank you.

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11:39AM May 27, 2020

Kim Thomas
Hi Dennis, I believe our MSR Team visited with you to address these questions last week, but yes - we do have a separate box for TV and you receive a remote. We also have options to make sure your wi-fi signal stretches to every corner of the house. We offer a simple mesh repeater that can extend your current coverage and fill in the voids. Professional and self-install options are available. Feel free to reach out for more information.

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