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5:03PM April 29, 2020

Michelle Wilson

I would love to sign up for television in addition to internet. However, I do not see anything on the website or the television channel line-up about DVR. Is a DVR available with the television packages?

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8:57PM August 17, 2020

marilyn dayton
Where IS t he whole home dvr option? I have looked all over the site and can't find it Thanks

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12:21PM April 30, 2020

Michelle Wilson
Great! Thank you for the information, Kim.

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8:04AM April 30, 2020

Kim Thomas
Michelle, Good news - we do have a DVR option. Choose the whole home HD DVR option and have access to simultaneous recording of up to four HD shows while still watching live TV. The box will hold up to 150 hours of HD recordings or 350 hours of SD recordings. The whole home DVR option can be added to any TV package for an additional $6.00/month. If you have other questions, just let us know. We look forward to serving you!

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